REDVALUE project has achieved its first year report and during this period the following activities have been developed:


  • Selection and provision of the needed starting materials. Indulleida has distributed between the partners different vegetal residues from apples, peaches, peppers, cucumbers and olives residues. Moreover, IPVC has recollected pine bark.
  • Residue extraction by different techniques:
    • IPVC has studied Sohxlet with pine bark residues and now it is starting with olive residues with the same technique.
    • Minho University is working in the extraction by ohmic and traditional technologies of pine bark.
    • Lleida University is studying techniques such as microwaves, ultrasounds and electric pulses in vegetal residues from peppers, apples, cucumber and peaches.
  • Residue characterization:
    • Interquimica is working in the characterization of physical properties of extracts such as pH, density, solubility, and also in the stability and antioxidant capacity of the pine barks extracted obtained at this moment.
    • Akinao is working in the characterization by gas-mass chromatography and nuclear magnetic resonance of pine bark samples.
    • Perpiñan University is starting with the analysis of antioxidant capacity of pine bark extracts by new techniques developed in the research group.


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